Oct 5, 2011

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The Loss Of A Great Visionary. Steve Jobs Dead At 56.

The Loss Of A Great Visionary.  Steve Jobs Dead At 56.

I just heard the news…and it sucks.

Jobs is dead. Cancer. Again…it sucks.

Apple has become one of my favorite brands in the world.  I love everything about the products, the stores, the culture and the vision that goes into building something like that.

He drew a salary of just $1 a year as CEO of Apple.  He took his pay in stock.  Gotta love a leader who says…”I win only if we win.”

The world is definitely better because Steve Jobs lived.  More importantly, we are better because Steve Jobs chose to live FULLY.

He did what he loved to do…and he did it in a big way.

There are any number of people who have similar talent, ability and opportunity as he did…I truly believe that.  But Mr. Jobs chose to play a Big Game.

He rocked his life…

And his life touched millions.

And in one of my favorite speeches over the last decade or so…this is what he had to say to a graduating class of Standford.

His speech, aptly entitled, “How To Live Before You Die.”


So it’s awesome that we get to play with the products Steve Jobs and his team imagined and created.  I am writing this blog from my MacBook Pro which I love.  My iPhone is sitting right next to me and my iPad is in the bedroom.

These things have made my life better and in a small way…using the Apple brand of products honors Jobs’s life.

To me though, there is a much bigger game.

I am sure Jobs would be happy you are buying Apple stuff…but I have a feeling that living your life in a big way…without limits…would make him even happier.

Are You Committed To Putting 100% Of Who You Are Into Life?

Maybe your are…maybe you aren’t.

The fact that you found this article and have invested the time in yourself to read it all the way through tells me you at least have a burning ember of desire to create a Big Life.

You want it.

You may not know how to create it yet…but you want it.

And this means you are probably a little different than the average person.  Maybe you are like me and never really felt you fit in.  Maybe you have always felt you were meant to Be and Do something more.

If this is you…I want to connect.

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