May 8, 2011

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The Hidden Beauty

The Hidden Beauty

Today I did a bunch of yard work.  It was long overdue.  Combining my recent travel schedule, my regular business schedule and just flat out not wanting to do it…I have let the landscaping slide.

Honestly, I love doing it.  It’s meditative for me.  A few years ago I took my front and back yard completely down to new dirt and started over.

In my back yard, just behind the pool, I have a small area with a night blooming Jasmin tree that was in dire need of a trim.  It was insanely overgrown.  It smells amazing…but it was looking pretty bad.

So, today I dug in.

I mowed.  I trimmed.  I weeded.

And then I started on the Jasmin tree.  It was a real mess.

Whack. Whack. Whack…it started looking good.

As I tore into the side nearest my house I noticed something.

The tree was so overgrown, so forgotten about that I had totally forgot what was in the bed below.

A beautiful Amaryllis that had just bloomed.

Honestly, had I not actually trimmed back the Jasmin tree today I would have completely missed this beautiful display of Mother Nature in full view.

I would have missed it.

I realize we do this all the time.

How many beautiful qualities do you have, or what potential greatness are you missing simply because you haven’t focused on clearing away some of the debris to let the light shine?

It’s really hard to see the sun behind the clouds…and yet the sun is still there…longing to get out.

I think there are beautiful Amaryllis flowers within everyone.  Everyone has layers of beauty within…and unfortunately, some never, ever let their light shine.

For those of us in network marketing, think about how this applies to your team.  How many people have the potential to be great if you would just take a little time to help them clear back the debris?

How many rock stars are wasting time in your team, their talent hidden by the years of overgrown weeds of neglect, poor self-image, past pain and broken dreams?

What could a little attention, a little focus and a little effort create?

What flower could bloom in YOU if you invested just a little more time to make things beautiful in and around your world?

It’s time to let all that is beautiful in you out.

It’s time for you to connect with all that is beautiful in others.

What starts to grow may just surprise you.

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  • Jan Womack

    Keith, thank you for your insight. Much needed at this time..  Jan

  • Jan Womack

    Keith, thank you for the insight. Much needed at this time.

  • Nancy Beach

    This post “Hidden Beauty” has so much significance in all our lives.  When we allow the weeds to overtake and choke out the beauty within, a part of that beauty dies off and can be lost.  How powerful a way to relate your garden to your life.  It is a beautiful way to instill thought in those of us who sometimes forget.  Thank You!  Nancy

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