Sep 5, 2010

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MLM Spillover. The Most Dangerous Words In Network Marketing.

MLM Spillover. The Most Dangerous Words In Network Marketing.

We have all heard it.

Most of us have probably said it.

“Get in the Power Leg!”

“We’ll blow out one leg for you!”

Please don’t get me wrong…I understand the advantages of positioning.  I clearly get it.

MLM Spillover

I have received my fair share of binary mlm spillover and I have certainly created my share for many, many other people as well.

Given the choice…I’d much rather be the creator of spillover than the recipient.  I just like the culture it creates.  (okay, that’s kinda bullshit…I’d rather have both…duh!)

This article isn’t to dispute whether mlm spillover is good or bad (we can all agree it’s a good thing)…but it’s more about the mentality and psychology that it creates.

Once upon a time, network marketing was all about personal production and building something that was really worth building.  Leaders committed to long-term growth, developing useful skills and producing stable teams with depth that would pay them for years and years.

This was the philosophy the entire industry was built upon.

That seems to have changed a bit.

For many people, this mentality has changed over the last 10 years or so.  People leap from company to company, addicted to fast cash, and if they don’t have a blown out “corporate leg” in 30 days…they are onto the next “Big Thing.”

They play the lottery instead of building a business.

When did MLM become a welfare environment based on what someone is to be given as opposed to what they can contribute?

It doesn’t work.

We have witnessed Efusjon with their Community Pay compensation plan go bye bye.

For people with this mentality, even when they really hit it big with a company…they are still looking for what’s next.


Because momentum slows down, as it ALWAYS does and then people really have to build.  They have to grow a business based on the merit of the company, product and the value their team brings to the table…not just the hype of “get in, get your spot, you’ll have thousands under you in a week.”

This mentality is everything that is wrong with this industry.

From a philosophical standpoint, I really do understand this.  I love to start things.  I love to launch ideas.  I love the romance stage of relationships.

It’s exciting.  It’s a rush.

But at some point, a little wisdom of experience helps you understand that the real magic to both business and life comes from developing something to a point of maturity.

It’s like the relationship where you get to the point where you just know that this person will be in your life forever.  When you can truly be yourself while still treating the relationship with honor and respect.

The same is true in network marketing.

The real magic of this business is both in the process of building it and in the beauty of genuine achievement having created something really worthwhile.

If you are a big recruiter, sure, you can jump from company to company and continue to make money.

But most people can’t.

If you really want the thrill and adrenaline that goes with that sort of a business philosophy…go be a day trader, but don’t use people’s lives as your commodity.

Seriously…step up and be a real leader.mlm spillover

Help people learn.

Empower people.

Teach people how to build their business ethically and get them away from the lottery mentality that has become so pervasive in our great industry.

Oh wait…you can’t do that.

If you really teach people all of those things…

They won’t follow you to your next deal.

They won’t be seduced by the promise of spillover and easy money.

What would you do then?

For the millions of people who love this industry and have been frustrated by the leadership of people that fit this description…here is my advice.

Feel free to take it or leave it.

Find a company that you can really see yourself building for 10 years…one with a vision, management, funding and market that you are excited about and believe in.

Does this mean you never change companies?

Of course not.

But if you are going to make a move…make a move and commit.  Most true leaders in the industry have built in far fewer companies than you would think.

If the person you are following has been in 10 companies in the last 5 years…that’s a clue.   Where will they be in 6 months?

Remember, everyone loves romance.  The beauty of business and life comes from keeping the romance alive for years and years and creating true depth of experience.

That is real.

That is genuine.

That sort of philosophy will reward you more than you can imagine.

That is what it’s all about.

Please forward this to five marketers you know who will benefit from this message.  As always, thanks for being here and thank you for your contribution to my world.

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  • Shelley Kimberly

    Keith this is an awesome perspective on “Spillover” … people feel entitled these days instead of earning their keep. People need to be passionate about the “widget” they are going to be sharing instead of playing follow the leader all the time with their “upline” partners and sharing something they could care less about – in the long run would that “upline” ever consider being your “downline” or are they so caught up in being in control/power that there is no way they could ever be put in that position – I have so many friends I have just had this conversation with and it baffles me why they do not feel confident enough to search out something without the acceptance of their “current” upline. People get control of your life and create your own life…stop fulfilling everyone’s dreams but your own….

  • Jodi Stott

    This is one of the best articles I have read. There is a ton of wisdom in this post. I am not saying that spillover is a bad thing, it’s great but you can not bank on spillover. What you can bank on is your skill set. Usually leaders create the spillover they don’t get it. Spillover has created an entitled/welfare mentality in our business. It is doing more damage than good. Everyone has a team to build together. Learning how this great industry works and acquiring the skills to succeed wiil serve you better than following the newest greatest comp plan or personality. Set yourself up for success for a lifetime.

  • Keith O’Brien

    Shelley & Jodi – thanks for the feedback.

    Yes, absolutely, we need to get back to personal responsibility…something our industry and country has begun to move away from.

    You two are great examples of what it takes to succeed long term – develop your skills, work on yourself & your business, build, build and build some more.

  • Ian Parkin

    Great to see someone speaking the truth. This is not only a well worded article, (rare in MLM blogosphere) it will better the people who read (and act upon) your advice.

  • Keith O’Brien

    Ian – thanks for that. I appreciate your feedback. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

  • Randy Downing

    I agree whole-heartily. This industry to me is about marketing a product or service that you are passionate about. And helping others to see the vision of what this industry can offer with consistency and hard work. If an employer sees you have a record of going from job to job the chances are you probably will not be hired. Thanks for the article.

  • Keith O’Brien

    Hi Randy – tru dat! If most people in MLM would work like they do for other people…many, many more would make money consistently. Stay in touch amigo!

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  • Anonymous

    I am really impressed with your posture Keith!!! It’s honest and comes from years of experience and maturity… Not too popular in the “this-day-and-age” style of our industry… Thanks for rocking the boat… **Signed Rocking My Own Boat Too!!!** GREAT POST!!!

  • Keith O’Brien

    Hey D – I know we connected the other day…but I can’t find the thread of our conversation.  Please message me on FB or email.  joinkob@gmail:disqus 

    Looking forward to catching back up.

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