Mar 8, 2010

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How To Use Facebook To Grow Your MLM (or any business) – Part I

How To Use Facebook To Grow Your MLM (or any business) – Part I

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since I wrote this article…TONS has changed in social media.  To keep up with the latest tips and strategies, make sure you are connected with me on my Facebook Page.

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Can you really use Facebook to grow your MLM business?  To do it, do you have to be one of those annoying “in your face” marketing tactics?  Can you effective use the power of Facebook and still keep your dignity and integrity?

use Facebook to grow your mlmThe answer is yes, you can.  You can build a massive business with Facebook while growing friends and not alienating people.  You can do all of those things if you use Facebook properly.

Let’s start by talking about why you would want to use Facebook to attract people to your business.  I remember just 2 years ago when I was telling a friend how I was using Facebook to build relationships and grow my business he said, “Facebook, what are you 12?”

The climate has changed a bit since then, hasn’t it?

Here is the breakdown of why Facebook is one of the most phenomenal marketing arenas in the world.

  1. Market - there are over 400 million users (growing by 300,000+ per day)
  2. Extremely targeted – people tell you what they are interested in
  3. Clusters – like-minded people gather in groups and through fan pages
  4. Organically Viral – everything anyone does shows to all of their friends in their news feed
  5. Exposure – the average user spends 55 minutes a day online and has 130 friends
  6. Connection based – what I mean by that is Facebook is set up for people to reach out to each other.  People WANT to connect and share information.  This is the basis of all social media.

Before I go any further, check out this Facebook App that I just got that I am using to generate leads every day.  It’s awesome.

As a marketer, those bullets above should make you drool.  They represent a marketers dream come true.  It’s one place that you could literally drive all of your business from.

Now that you know WHY you should be using Facebook, let’s talk about HOW you should be…and while we are here, let’s also talk about how NOT to use Facebook.

Facebook being the 800-pound gorilla of social media platforms, it follows the same intelligent guidelines as others, but as we know, people aren’t always intelligent.  The sheer potential for marketers outlined above is enough to make the less tactful and principled marketers come out of the woodwork.

Don’t be one of those people.  It will cost you in the long run.


1. Relationships – Set your intention and goals when starting your Facebook campaign that you are there to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with people.  You are there to connect, to provide value in the marketplace and actually get to know people.

Facebook is completely transparent.  If your goals are not congruent, marred with self-serving actions or inconsistent…people will know.  Just be smart and be real.  In today’s world of social media, good news and bad news travels very fast.

2. Optimize your profile – if you truly want to use your profile for business, then you need to make it reflect your brand.  This doesn’t mean that you need to remove all of the personal information, quite the contrary, but you do need to be conscious of it.

If there are photos of you from Mardi Gras “getting your beads on,” you may want to think twice about that.  If you are constantly sending pillow fights, horoscope info, pixie dust and fairy godmother apps to people, you may want to shift the use of your time.

Sit down and spend some time crafting your message.  What do you want people to know about you and your business.  You need to connect people to you as a person and you as a business leader.

3. Profile Photo – I see this so much it needs it’s own bullet point.  If you really want to build relationships based on trust and mutual respect, you need a good picture where people can clearly see your face.

This is the number one reason people accept friend requests.   Get a good, professional photo.  At the very least, get a really clear, well lit one.

I know you love your kids, but don’t use them as your profile pic unless you are in it.  (more on this later)

4. Share relevant and purposeful content – yes, occasionally we will care if you just dropped the kids off at school or that you just got out of the shower, but we don’t need a play by play of stuff that is meaningless

5. Strategically grow your friends list – there are two ways to go about growing the number of friends you have on Facebook…randomly or strategically.  Since we are talking about business, let’s choose strategically.  Random is generally not a good strategy for business.

Decide what your interests are and what niche your business is in then seek out Influencers in those markets.  Find groups that are of interest, join the group and reach out to the administrators and officers of that group to build relationship with them.

6. Join the Conversation – Social media is, after all, about being social.  Go engage with other people and comment on their stuff.  “Like” their post if you like it.  Forward their dialogue.  Help them, genuinely.  Be of service.

Recommend friends & invite people to groups.  Be that connector and facilitator of relationships and you will be rewarded time and again.

7. Broker Your Time – You may have heard Facebook referred to before as “Crackbook,” because of its addictive nature.  If the ‘average’ user spends 55 minutes a day on it, imagine what some people are doing.  You need to be very strategic (there’s that word again) with your time or you will find yourself sucked into an endless world of comments, pokes, applications and notifications.

By all means, if you also use Facebook to forward personal relationships, knock yourself out.  Just be clear about what you are doing so your business goals don’t get lost in a pillow fight.

I said I was going to get into Facebook Don’ts in this article, but it’s already long enough, so I broke it into another article.

For all of the (or at least some good ones) Facebook Don’ts, check out Part II.

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