About Keith

About Keith

My Vision

To Create A Global Community Of Affluent Conscious Leaders.

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About Authentic-Networker.com

I love network marketing and direct sales.

I think the “make money from home” industry is awesome and it that supports a return to our core desires to become independent, self-supporting entrepreneurs.

I believe it represents one of the purest forms of free market economy and anyone, from anywhere, with any background has an equal shot of creating a substantial business with the possibility of retire-able residual income.

With that said, after a few decades around the industry, I have seen a lot of things I haven’t liked very much.I have seen far too many people confuse the “fake it till you make it” concept with flat out lying.  I have seen manipulation at incredible rates and people believing just a little too much in their story (often which isn’t entirely true).
I have seen so many people live by this delusion that they deserve a massive check just because they sign a distributor app.  It doesn’t work that way.

Authentic-Networker.com is a space to bring together real world training in personal development, online marketing, social media/networking in a completely authentic, usable and powerful way so that people can plug in and get the training and education they deserve.

It’s a community of people who are committed to being authentic in both business and our personal lives regardless of circumstance.  It’s a call to action to identify and discover your values and play a big game in life through those exact values.

About Keith O’Brien

keith obrienI am an author, speaker, trainer and marketer.  I have been in two industries for the bulk of my life. Direct Marketing and Personal Development. I have created some great projects and made a bunch of money in both.

I have been around direct sales since 1991 and with the exception of a 9 year hiatus where I founded and ran a Youth Leadership Organization, I have been a full-timer.

I’ve earned over 1.6 million in commissions and have built global teams using both online and offline strategies.

From 1999 to 2009, I founded and ran FuturePoint – a South Florida based non-profit youth empowerment organization that provides transformational trainings to high school and college students. We worked with over 12,000 students with some phenomenal results. Lives were changed forever…including mine.

My current focus is on training people to develop online lead generation through personal branding, attraction marketing and inner game success strategies.

If you want to learn how to really build a business online, GO HERE NOW.

I am a single Dad and my son is the most powerful mentor I know.

Other Stuff You May or May Not Be Interested In
  • Core Values: Freedom, Self-Mastery, Playfulness
  • Blace of Birth: Meadville, PA
  • Hometown: Hoffman Estates, IL
  • Town where I graduated high school: Del Rio, TX.  Damn, that was painful
  • College: San Diego State University, 1 1/2 years
  • Birthday: October 22, 1971
  • Hair color: Burnt Sienna
  • Eye Color: Hazelish…I refuse to call them brown
  • Age I started first real business (non lemonade stand, paper route or lawn cutting): – 17, was independent contractor for a cleaning supply company…I sucked at it.
  • Age I made money in my own business: 23
  • Age I outearned my father in a year: 23
  • Age where my father took back the lead: 28 (I am still climbing back)
  • Age I got into personal development: This is debatable, I started reading a bit at 17, but really got into trainings and workshops at 19 or 20 and have been immersed ever since.
  • First fell in love: Heather, 6th grade.  I know this wasn’t love, it was puppy love, but it was cool.  She was the hottest girl in school and I felt like a king because she picked me.  Her family moved after just a few months of “dating” but I rode the high for months after.  I never saw her again.
  • First time I really fell in love: January 1999, I was 27.  That’s all the info I am divulging for now.
  • Boxers or briefs: boxer briefs actually

P.S. Since you have read all this stuff…it must mean you like my style.  If that is the case, don’t be someone who likes to look around but take no action.

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